The treasure box was an interactive installation created for QPAC (Brisbane) , Out of the Box season. It was created between  Chris Booth and Johnathon oxlade and collaboration with Guy Webster for music and myself for electronics. I created several electronic parts to the installation keeping in mind it’s aesthetics and interactivity. 



I used parts from dissussed printers and machinery to this proujection of a moon. The moon light and texture was made from a white led that was sandpapered flat and the  focused through two small lenes onto the back of the display box.  The box contained an aeropolane with a girls head and the moon appeared in the background. 

To create a textural shadow box feel I used a piece of 35mm film from a popular movie and looped into a circle. I then connected it to a slow moving motor and mounted a light in the middle. It was mounted i close proximity to a paper covering. As the motor turned it generated what appeared to be a continuously moving scene in the background.